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  • Spanish Language Courses

  • English as a Second Language

  • Tutoring Sessions

  • Language Proficiency Coaching

  • Language Proficiency Assessments

  • Translation Services


Spanish Language Courses

Spanish with a Purpose is a Spanish language program, designed to achieve the Spanish language proficiency and the cultural competency of Spanish-speaking countries in an English-speaking environment. 

This program consists of three consecutive levels of essential concepts to learn conversational Spanish language, and optional customized coaching sessions using Spanish tailored to your unique needs whether you classify as novice, intermediate, or advance.

  • Individualized instruction

  • Group instruction

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Tutoring and Coaching of subjects such as Spanish Language, English as a Second Language, and more...

  • Middle School Students

  • High School Students

  • College Students

Spanish Language Proficiency Assessments

  • Administration of Spanish language proficiency assessments using the Global Seal of Biliteracy™️ (in partnership with AVANT) tests that measures levels of Spanish language proficiency according to ACTFL standards to certify test takers with: 


  • Functional Fluency Certification

  • Working Fluency Certification

  • Professional Fluency Certification 

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Teacher Helping Student

Translation Services

Language & Culture Consulting is founded on the premise that communication between two languages should reflect the message that is being conveyed, but also consider any cultural nuance and connotation transmitted. 


We work on projects that require translation from English to Spanish, and from Spanish to English including:

  • High Volume translation projects

  • Technical Materials translation projects

  • Certified Documentation translation projects

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