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About Us

We are a diverse team of experienced Spanish instructors, tutors, language coaches, translators and interpreters, representing various Spanish speaking countries. We are a highly qualified team to meet your needs for Spanish language services while ensuring utmost transparency and accuracy.

Students in Cafeteria


We ensure the best quality of language instruction with continuous professional development of our staff.  


We are committed to serve a diverse community with integrity, respect, and cultural sensitivity, as we bring transparency and clarity of communication between the Spanish and English language.

"We are a diverse team of experienced Spanish instructors, tutors, language coaches, translators, and interpreters..."

Our Team


Benn, MA

About Maren

Born in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica, and raised in Panamá City, Panamá, Maren holds a Bachelor of Arts in Language and International Trade, and a Master of Arts in Spanish Literature. With over fifteen years of diversified experience, Maren is an achievement-oriented, educational professional, experienced in teaching first, second, and third-year college level Spanish courses.

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Reyes-Tosta, EdD

About Mylord

MYLORD REYES-TOSTA was born in Honduras, and she has lived in Honduras, Puerto Rico, and the United States. She has earned a doctorate degree in education in Puerto Rico and a Master of Arts in Spanish at Eastern Michigan University.  She has taught Spanish at Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, and the University of Michigan. With more than 15 years of experience teaching at the university level, her greatest passion is to teach her native language to others.

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